Day Trip To The Hinze Dam

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The Hinze Dam might seem like an out of the ordinary Road Trip destination as its primary function is the Gold Coast’s main water supply catchment area. Set in the impressive surrounds of the Gold Coast Hinterland with a Visitor Centre, View Café, Wall Walks, Scenic Picnic Areas, BBQ’s, Playgrounds and Bike Trails it is also a terrific stopping place for bike riders, day trippers and tourists.

The Hinze Dam is situated near Advancetown approximately 15 kilometres south-west from Nerang. Stage 1 was completed in 1976 and provided 42,400 megaliters of water storage. Stage 2 – With an upgrade in 1989, water storage was increased to 161,700 megalitres. Stage 3 – The final stage was completed on 19th December 2011, increasing the dam wall height from 93.5 metres to 108 metres with a huge capacity increase in storage to 310,730 megalitres.

The upshot from all these upgrades is the…

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